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주조공장 및 주요설비

주조공장 및 주요설비
Melting furnace : one 15-ton induction furnace , two 4-ton induction furnaces, one 1-ton induction furnace
Molding line Alpha-set self-hardening molding system (artificial ceramic sand)
Continuous MIXER 30Ton/Hour, 20Ton/Hour, 10Ton/Hour
Heat treatment system 50 Ton 1기, 30Ton 1기, 20Ton 1기
Quenching TanK 5,000 X 3,000 X 3,500 (Peet)
Shot Blast 30Ton, 20Ton"


Main products marine equipment&materials, industrial equipment components, power plant equipment&materials,
heavy construction equipment components, values, etc.
Maximum net weight 20 Ton
Annual production
20,000 Ton/year


In 1980’s, Borden Co. of U.K. has developed a new cast molding process technology, Alpha set process, by applying sand coking resin. The alkaline phenol resin has low contents of carbon and less affects in cementation process on the surface of casted steel products. The resin also generates less nitrogen of sulfur gas than other resins and accordingly reduces the chance of casting defects on the products. Another advantage of Alpha set process is that the mold this new process was applied onto is characteristically hardened as the melted steel fills in. It is very beneficial in shaping process of the casting products especially with high ally component.

세라믹 인공 주물사

Even though the price is a little higher because its major component is more than 60 % of alumina and the ceramic is artificially processed, this product is used to replace the existing silica sand (SK#33), chromite sand (SK#39) and zircon sand (SK#37) for following technical and commercial advantages.

  • Since its grain-size distribution is accurate and quality of material is harder than the common sand, damage from crushing is lower in the reclaiming facility and reclaiming rate is considerably higher so as to be economical and eco-friendly due to less dust generation.
  • When one-sand method of Cerabeads is introduced instead silica-chromite 2 type molding sand, productivity shall be improved considerably and the operating cost of reclaiming facility for molding sand can be remarkably reduced, and the problems from unstable supply of chromite can be resolved as well.
  • Because Cerabeads has remarkably lower thermal expansion rate than other commercial molding sand, Cracks on the surface generated during solidification can be considerably decreased and the surface of the products is far more smooth.