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Aug. 1990 Founded Dae Young Metal Industries Co., Ltd
Feb. 1995 egistered in the Korea International Trade Association
Mar. 1995 Established a company-affiliated research institute
(Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology)
Jan. 1996 Registered as a manufacturer for POSCO (carbon steel
casting products and alloyed steel casting products)
May 1997 Expanded a processing factory


Oct. 2001 Obtained ISO 9001 certification
(quality management system)
Feb. 2002 Registered as a power plant component supplier for
Hyundai Heavy Industries
Feb. 2003 Received the Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LR) approval
Oct. 2003 Received the Germanischer Lloyd (GL)approval
Jan. 2005 Received the Germanischer Lloyd (GL)approval
Sep. 2005 Received the Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK) approval
Received the Korean Register of Shipping (KR) approval
Mar. 2006 Received the Det Norske Veritas (DNV) approval
Recognized as a company specialized in components
and materials (by the Ministry of Industry and Energy)
Jun. 2007 Expanded the medium frequency induction furnace
/ 4 ton X 2 set
Aug. 2007 Received the Bureau Veritas (BV) approval
Received the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
May 2009 Received the Regisero Italland Navale (RINA) approval
Received the China Classification Society (CCS)


Jul. 2010 Relocated and expanded the pattern factory
Nov. 2010 Registered as a HITACHI subcontractor
Feb. 2011 Expanded the medium frequency induction furnace
(15 ton)
Jul. 2011 Established a quenching tank
/ 5,000 X 3,000 X 3,500 (Peet)
Nov. 2011 Expanded Casting Plant 2 / 114-1 Yongjin-ri,
Boksu-myeon, Geumsan-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
Dec. 2012 Relocate the factory of Dae Young M Tech Co., Ltd.; concluded a MOU (with Cheongwon-gun)
Jan. 2013 Received INNO-BIZ certification
(Small and Medium Business Administration)
Feb. 2013 Selected as a KIBO A+ Member
(Korea Technology Finance Corporation)
May 2013 Obtained ISO14001:2004 certification
(Environmental Management System)